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Dictates de Musical Formation




Music learning is a multidisciplinary process with the simultaneous acquisition and development of multiple skills.

João Carlos Perdigão in the Sebenta de Formação Musical collection brings together a wide range of rhythmic and melodic readings so that the student is able to develop reading skills. Now, the Dictations of Musical Training project, also conceived by João Carlos, is aimed at the acquisition and development of writing skills.

The Musical Training Sayings collection is composed of two volumes of different levels of difficulty and progressively organized. The dictations presented are of the following types: melodic and polyphonic, melodic by memorization, rhythmic with one or more voices, filling in spaces / lacunar, error detection, recognition of harmonic functions and cadences. The sayings presented here are taken from works by various composers and styles, from the Middle Ages to modern times, adapted or harmonized by the author.

To my fellow Music Education teachers, for whom this project was developed, I wish you a good job.


Basic level
(1st Grade to 4th Grade)


Secondary Level
(5th Grade to 8th Grade)

Price - €29.55
(included: correction - statement - audio files to support the realization)

Price - €29.55
(included: correction - statement - audio files to support the realization)

audio files


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