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Musical Training Booklet

Books to support the development of
de music reading skills



The Musical Training Booklet is a project conceived by João Carlos Perdigão since the beginning of his professional activity. The offer of teaching material is mostly of foreign authorship, which often requires adaptations.

Music Training teachers show difficulty in finding repertoire to develop the practice of musical reading, whether rhythmic or melodic. It was with the objective of contributing positively to the development of students' reading skills and to create a mutual help connection with the teachers of the subject that João Carlos decided to gather in these eight books, exercises created throughout his teaching activity and which he improved with the pass the academic years. In addition to the various rhythmic and melodic readings, mostly created by the author, a selection of Lieder with adaptations made by the same is also provided.

All the books in this collection were structured according to the curricular program of the Musical Training subject at the Luís António Maldonado Rodrigues Music Conservatory, where he teaches. The readings presented respect a gradual progression of difficulty so that the student is able to develop his teaching and learning process and acquire autonomy to carry out a responsible and conscious study.

To my fellow teachers and Music Education students, for whom this work was developed, I wish you a good job.


5th Year - 1st Degree


6th Year - 2nd Degree


7th Year - 3rd Degree


8th Year - 4th Degree


9th Year - 5th Degree


10th Year - 6th Degree


11th Year - 7th Grade


12th Year - 8th Grade

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